About Choosing the right People

When you choose an organization to represent your company, you can’t afford to make the wrong decision. The following checklist can help you make the right decision:

A Guide to Selecting the Right Sales Representatives

You want professional, experienced people with energy and enthusiasm for your product who are on the road and on the phone every day.
The Right-Size Organization
You want a sales-rep firm that is large enough to cover its territory consistently and small enough to consider your company truly important to your mutual success.
Product Knowledge
You want a representative who will take the time to know your products as thoroughly as you do. Utilizing a symbiotic approach with multiple vendors, it is easy to attract and sell buyers.
Understanding Your Goals
You want your representative to provide steady and consistent growth through quality, credit-worthy distributors and O.E.M.s. You need representatives who can listen to your ideas and suggest ways to implement them.
Understanding Your Market
Your reps, through developing and maintaining excellent relationships with the best distributors - i.e., the "key players" - are needed to help those distributors market and "pull through" your products to the top dealers, contractors and retailers throughout their territory.
Marketing Savvy
You need experienced personnel capable of assisting you and your distributors with fresh and innovative marketing programs and ideas - as well as knowledge of what kinds of sales promotion materials and advertising works best in their market.
High Tech Operations
Your representative should have leading edge software, capable of compiling extensive year-to-year and month-to-month sales by account. Waterlines offers day-to-day in-depth contact information, available at your request.
Modern Facilities
Your rep needs office space with an audio-visual-equipped conference room for high-caliber, hard-hitting seminars and product demonstrations where he can bring you, as well as distributors and their customers.
Readily Available Staff
Both you and your distributors need access to sales reps at all times, and we fill that bill to a person! You can always reach us…we are very quick to respond!
Something Special
What you don’t need is “ordinary.” Your sales representative has to be an acknowledged leader in his territory, with a strong reputation for high-quality lines and an excellent “track record” for service, availability, follow-through, and most of all integrity.

We hope we’ve given you a lot to think about. We invite you to use this guide to compare Waterlines Inc. with any other sales representatives you may be currently using or are considering. We welcome opportunity to meet with you and to discuss the benefits we have to offer. Please contact Damon Bickell, President of Waterlines, today at 1-203-691-9388.