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EXPERIENCE | Over 35 Years
Leading the industry in professional representation for over 35 years.
PRESENCE | We Are Always There
Attending nearly every trade show and "table top" event in our territory.

Over 35 Years of Sales & Marketing Success

Experienced Professional Manufacturers’ Representatives for the Pool, Spa and Irrigation Industries

Providing Exceptional Sales Coverage &
Connections to the Market

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Sales Presentations

We have highly motivated and professional sales people providing dynamic, enthusiastic sales presentations to distributors and contractors.

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Follow Through

We won’t keep you guessing or waiting. We are known for keeping the lines of communication open!

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Marketing Ideas

We are always looking for new and innovative promotional ideas when it comes to sales & marketing––and reporting them to our vendors.

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Training Sessions

Confused about a product or line? We invest the time to educate our distributors and their customer with bilingual trainers!

Our Commitment

To provide our vendors, distributors and contractors with:

    • Dynamic, comprehensive sales presentations
    • Impeccable follow-through
    • Innovative sales & marketing idea
    • Outstanding––and bilingual––training sessions

Who We are

A professional manufacturers’ representative agency, founded in 1985 by Steve Swirsky, Founder, and the late Ray Gunder, VP. Today, under the leadership of President Damon Bickell, the company—seasoned professionals in the sales of pool, spa, irrigation, and other water-related backyard products—travels six men from Maine to the Carolinas, with its main office located in North Haven, Connecticut.

What We stand for

The premise that all manufacturers want steady and consistent growth through quality, credit-worthy distributors. The name of our game is “Pull-Through” marketing. We spend 90% of our time selling to the distributor’s customers––the contractors and retailers––and bringing the business back through distribution.

How we work

Through developing and maintaining excellent relationships with the “key players”––the best distributors. Over the past 35 years, we have helped them to market and sell products to the best dealers, contractors, retailers, and OEMs throughout our territory. We also attend nearly every Trade Show and “Table Top” event in our territory, as well as National Shows in our industries. Our team is also dedicated to providing demos and training on all the products we represent. And we offer bilingual training––in Spanish & English––whenever requested.

Where We operate

Our home base is in North Haven Connecticut, however, our sales people cover the East Coast from Maine to the Carolinas and as far west as Pittsburgh, PA––with each salesman living in his respective territory.